Great looking Websites for Teachers - Fast! provides an easy to use administration module where teachers enter their class specific information including homework and resource uploads. Your teacher website will be built automatically and will be standardized with a professional layout your school and district can be proud of! You pick the template or we'll use your school template at no extra charge!



Quick Look Features and Examples:
  • Home Page: Teachers can create their "teacher website" home page using our "rich text editor" included in the administration modules. One or more photos can be uploaded to complement their page with the ability to design at will. live example
  • Class Schedule: Teachers create their website period schedules and enter specific elements including class title, room, class details and times. Optional capabilities include uploading a "syllabus" in any format. Students and parents can click on class titles for detailed class information and download a syllabus. live example
  • Calendar: The most powerful of features, this calendar allows teachers to upload assignments, and make announcements for 1 or more of their periods. Students and parents will be able to select a period and the calendar will render downloads and announcements that are easy to read and download. Moreover, you can view the calendar in "list mode" and "printer friendly mode". live example
  • Automated Email reminders: Parents and students can schedule email reminders of teacher calendar posts. Simply enter an email address and how many days advance notice your email reminder will arrive.
  • Resources: Teachers can create general announcements, links to other websites or general downloadable content for parents and students. live example
  • FAQ's: For the FAQ section of their website, teachers can enter common questions and answers pertinent to parents and students. live example
  • Discussion Blogs: Students and teachers can post blogs for each class. When students post a blog, teachers can approve or edit the post before it appears on the website.
  • File Cabinet: Displays the complete downloadable list of files uploaded by the teacher that can be sorted by name, type, size, and date on a single page! This list can be filtered by file extension also. A fast way to retrieve any file! live example
  • Contact Info: Teachers can manage their contact information including email, and their administration username and password.
  • Master Calendar: Students can create a one time day class profile, selecting their teachers and classes. They can then go into their "Master Calendar", bookmark it, and access every teacher calendar from a single webpage!
  • Reports: School administrators can view their teachers progress showing exact counts of everything entered per section for each teacher. You'll know instantly the teachers progress for each website.
  • Additional Web Pages: Yes, teachers can create unlimited additional web pages to complement their teacher website.

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Sue B. | J.H. High The parents and students love Sara D. | F.H. High This website is soooooooo easy to use! I love it! Angela M. | F.H.N. High THE BEST website. I retired 2 years ago and now I'm back for a long-term sub position for 6 weeks. Your site is so user-friendly, that I was able to use it without any "refresher" information. Thanks so much! Nicole S. | Union High You have created a fantastic web platform for teachers. My students, their parents and I love it. Read what other Teachers are saying!
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