Teacher Website Features and Benefits

Does your current teacher websites experience any of the following?

  • Learning curve required to create an individual website. Requires time and training of the teacher.
  • Poor participation – Teachers don't want to take the time to work on their sites or they are not functional or productive. Broken graphics and links to blank pages are common.
  • Time consuming to learn how to add pages and to make updates. Overall this will not encourage teachers to keep their sites up-to-date.
  • Inconsistent look and feel throughout all teacher websites. Hinders parents and students when they have to learn new navigation and layout for each teacher.
  • Poor layout, design, use of fonts, spacing and overall design on current teacher website. This is understandable since teachers aren’t expected to be graphic artists. Gives parents and students a feeling of coming to a “non-professional” website – a reflection of your school and district’s image.
  • School District loss of control on site content – teachers use the site to promote their personal agenda and opinion rather than productive information parents and students can use.
  • Improper use of logos – Teacher websites containing graphics from other websites without the express permission for use.
  • Inability to upload homework assignments for parent or student download.
Reasons to go with MyTeacherZone.com

  • Professional Layout - Students, parents, and teachers are more likely to visit a website that is professionally laid out with a consistent look & feel, allowing for easier use.
  • No learning Curve – Simply enter the administration module and enter required data. The website will be built dynamically from the data provided.
  • Teacher Homepage – Text can be typed or pasted in along with any paragraph breaks and formatting.
  • Teacher Schedule - Teachers can create their class schedules and enter a Class Title, Classroom Number, Description and can upload their syllabus. Class Titles will be clickable redirecting to a page showing a lengthier class description. Syllabus downloads will show an appropriate clickable "icon" for the document type. (PDF, Word, Excel or Image)
  • Teacher Syllabus – A syllabus in any format can be “uploaded” from your local computer and will allow students or parents to click on a link to save or open the document.
  • Teacher Calendar – To add calendar entries simply choose Date, Period, and Text to display. A range of dates can also be selected of which the text will display for all days chosen. Upload homework assignments that can be downloaded by parents and students for particular days and periods. In addition, it's simple to make edits or deletions.
  • Teacher FAQ’s – Question Text and Answer Text can be entered to help students and parents find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Resources - a great place to add additional useful content such as Announcements, Links to other sites, or Files that can be downloaded by students or parents. Your entries will be automatically labeled, Announcement, Link or File Download on the Teacher Resource Page.
  • Teacher File Cabinet: Displays the complete downloadable list of files uploaded by the teacher that can be sorted by name, type, size, and date on a single page! This list can be filtered by file extension also. A fast way to retrieve any file!
  • Teacher Discussion Blogs - Great to facilitate communication between students and their teachers. Teachers must approve and can edit student posts before they appear on the website.
  • Ability to add pages - We understand standardization is important but teachers sometimes need the ability to add custom pages. Our easy-to-use administration module allows teachers to add additional web pages to complement their website.
  • Teacher Master Calendar - This feature allows students and parents to access every teacher calendar from a single bookmarked web page!
  • Teacher Contact Information – The Phone and Email address for the teacher will be displayed. Additionally, an area is included for a parent or student to send an immediate email to the teacher by entering their own email address, the subject, and message content.
  • Short easy to remember URL for your students mtzone.net/teacher/YourNameOrAlias

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Melissa T. | F.H.N. High I love the ease of getting my assignments posted so quickly. Mathew R. | F.H.N. High Very simple and exactly what I need to get the message across to my students. Mike P. | F.H.N. High This site makes it incredibly simple for my students to keep up with the events that are occuring within my classroom. Francine D. | F.H.N. High This application is vastly superior to the cumbersome application utilitized by other high schools in the district. Read what other Teachers are saying!
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