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This is a typical finished product layout of a teacher website after using the administration section. View "Screen Shots Web Admin" on left menu.
The Home Page - Create a professional layout with the ability to upload an optional photo. Our administration screen allows for basic formatting including justification, bullets, bold, underline, sizing, etc. to further customize your home page.
Teacher Website Homepage screenshot
Schedule - if a syllabus has been uploaded, an appropriate icon will display, clickable for download or opening. Class titles are hyperlinks to a class details page.
Teacher Website Schedule screenshot
Class Details
Teacher Website Class Detail screenshot
Calendar Simply select a period and the calendar will render entries for the current month. Download your homework by clicking on the links. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and image docs will show an identifying icon of the file type. Clicking on the month names will take you forward and back a month.
Teacher Website Calendar screenshot
Calendar List Summary An alternate view of calendar entries and assignments. Printer friendly.
Teacher Website Calendar List screenshot
Teacher Website FAQ screenshot
Resource Information, Links and Downloads - parents and students can view announcements, download general files and find links to web sites.  Clicking on the drop down list allows for ordering on the page.  View administration screen to see how easy it is to create these resources.
Teacher Website Resource List screenshot
Contact Me
Teacher Website Contact Me screenshot

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Rebecca R. | F.H. High This is such an awesome program. So easy to learn and use! Angela M. | F.H.N. High THE BEST website. I retired 2 years ago and now I'm back for a long-term sub position for 6 weeks. Your site is so user-friendly, that I was able to use it without any "refresher" information. Thanks so much! Ed G. | Hardin Middle As a high school administrator who oversees technology, I can't imagine a better, more user friendly tool to communicate with students, parents and colleagues. Kim L. | F.H.N. High ...this has been an easy, user-friendly site. Read what other Teachers are saying!
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