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"Content Management Systems" (CMS) or the competition?

  • Teacher websites for school accounts are standardized across the entire school. The common look and feel provides a productive user experience for parents and students who have access to multiple teacher websites and eliminates the hodgepodge look of individually created pages.
  • Easy to remember Teacher URL (web address) -
  • No coding, design, or HTML skills necessary! Just paste, point and click!
  • Teachers can optionally design their home page by uploading images and using a "rich text editor" to customize their content.
  • Teachers can optionally password protect their website.
  • Teachers can create their semester class schedules including title, room, hours, and class description which renders a schedule grid for the user.
  • Teachers can attach a syllabus for each class schedule.
  • Teachers can post entries to a calendar and assign entries to 1 or more classes.
  • Teachers can post to the calendar using date ranges with the ability to enter exception dates within that range.
  • Teachers can post to the calendar and choose to "Hide" entries until a future time. Link and Title colors can be changed on your calendar.
  • Teachers can upload homework assignments into the calendar for 1 or more classes.
  • Teachers can approve, edit and create new blog or discussion entries.
  • Teachers can create unlimited web pages to complement their website.
  • Teachers can easily create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
  • Teachers can create announcements, links to other websites, and post file uploads within the resource section.
  • Teachers can manage their contact information, including their administration user name and password.
  • Teachers can monitor page hits for 6 core sections of their website and reset their numbers when they choose.
  • Teacher can view "online video demos" to learn how to use each administration module to its potential.
  • School Administrators can monitor teacher website progress by viewing entry counts for each major section.
  • School Administrators can manage all users including teacher user name’s and passwords.
  • School Administrators can view "teacher wide" total page hits for 6 core website sections and reset their numbers when they choose.
  • Students can view calendars in two formats, calendar grid view and calendar list view.
  • Students can view calendars in a "printer friendly mode"
  • Students can save their classes in the "Master Calendar" section enabling them to view every teacher calendar from a single bookmarked web page!
  • Students can set "email alerts" on future calendar entries. An automated email is sent to the address provided the specified days before the calendar entry.
  • Students can search the database for uploaded files by filtering on the current teacher or all teachers in the school.
  • Students can view teacher websites and bookmark them without having to login.
  • Students can view all files uploaded by the teacher on a single webpage; sortable by name, type, size, and date. Filters can be applied by file extension.

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Mathew R. | F.H.N. High Very simple and exactly what I need to get the message across to my students. Heather B. | F.H.N. High Awesome...very user friendly! Thanks so much. James A. | F.H.N. High I really like using It not only helps my students keep up, it gives me a place to store class assignments for absent students. Diane F. | F.H.N. High This has been the best and easiest web site to use. It's user friendly for both teacher and visitors! Read what other Teachers are saying!
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