Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do we get started?
A. If you are a teacher wanting your own website, start by picking a website template, enter your profile information, and decide on a payment option. We will be happy to invoice you if you prefer not to pay over the Internet.

If your school or department needs a custom template, complete the Customer Service Form and we'll contact you. Our usual turnaround time is 48 hours for custom templates to be viewed for approval. Allow us the opportunity to get you set up for a free trial. No obligation!

Q. What services do you provide in the cost?
A. We provide everything including hosting, site maintenance, backups, and a branded URL to your website. (i.e. View our complete list of features.

For "school accounts" we'll create a staff directory page that will allow access to all teacher websites for your school or department. When one is selected, their information will be displayed along with a link to their teacher website. Simply create a staff directory link from your current school website to our staff directory page.
Q. How easy is it for the teachers to use the web administration section?
A. Teachers can have their website up and running within minutes. Once they input their text for the homepage and enter their schedule/period information, their site will be ready to be viewed. FAQs, calendar entries, and resources are optional.

Video tutorials are provided for teachers to learn fast on how to navigate the administration sections. You can preview these tutorials now if you would like to see how easy it is to use our system.
Q. Can teachers create additional pages?
A. YES. Teachers can create unlimited additional web pages. This is great for teachers who sponsor school organizations and would like to create a custom page to complement their website.
Q. We would like a "school account". Can we monitor teacher progress as they build and use their websites?
A. For "school accounts", administrators will be given a special link to several web reports. One report will display a grid list of all teachers in your school with data entry counts for each core section. You'll know instantly the teachers progress for each site, including the last date logged on. A link will be provided to each teacher website for immediate viewing. You'll also be able to view total page hits for all teacher websites across the board.
Q. How much is it?
A. For a limited time, we are offering all first time teacher websites for $39, for the first year. Our regular price is $59 for each year thereafter. There is NO obligation to continue if you are not completely satisfied with this service. School accounts with over 100 websites will get a special discount.

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Heather B. | F.H.N. High Awesome...very user friendly! Thanks so much. Diane F. | F.H.N. High This has been the best and easiest web site to use. It's user friendly for both teacher and visitors! Ed G. | Hardin Middle As a high school administrator who oversees technology, I can't imagine a better, more user friendly tool to communicate with students, parents and colleagues. Sara D. | F.H. High This website is soooooooo easy to use! I love it! Read what other Teachers are saying!
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