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September 21, 2006
Websites for Teachers, school budgets can afford - High School PR News
ST. LOUIS, MO, September 21, 2006 - School Administrators are looking for ways to put their teachers online on a fixed budget. In addition, teachers are looking for an easy to use and quick way to post their information without a steep learning curve and knowledge of coding or design. provides this service with a simple to use web administration module that dynamically creates the teacher's website.

"I was able to create my entire website in under 10 minutes," says St. Louis High School Teacher Susan B. provides input for common teacher issues. Teachers can create a personalized welcome page with photo, input their schedule and upload class syllabus', create calendar announcements and downloadable homework assignments, create Frequently Asked Questions, and a Resource page that allows for general announcements, links to other websites and downloadable content for parents and students. Other pages include a detailed class information page and a contact page.

Powerful reports for school administrators detail their staff's progress for each website section which includes tracking the teacher logins, as well as, dates any updates have been incorporated. A staff directory page is also created allowing the school to simply add a staff directory link to their current school website. Because each school's "skin" and "look & feel" are custom integrated, the teacher websites emulate with their school's website.
August 21, 2007
North scrambling to handle growing enrollment - St. Louis County Journals
ST. LOUIS, MO, September 21, 2007 - Along with its growing population, Francis Howell North is expanding and improving its communications and technology.

By Sept. 3, every teacher will have an individual Web site allowing students and parents to access class schedules, syllabus, calendar, notes, home work assignments, test dates and other information.

"If you have a child who is home sick, they can stay current with what is going on with their class," Gettemeier said. "If a students loses a worksheet, forgets what pages to read, or leaves their leaves notes at school, they can look that up on the teacher site."

Instead of blackboards, many teachers now use electronic Smart Boards that store their hand-written notes. The teacher Web sites will include downloadable files of each day's Smart Board notes.

Each teacher site will link to the online parent viewer, a system that allows parents to see grades received on specific tests and assignments.

The teacher Web sites are part of the district's three-year technology plan. If the program is successful at North it could be adopted by other Francis Howell schools, Gettemeier said. The teacher Web site template was designed by David Bernett, son of a Howell North teacher. They are hosted on his domain, Bernett plans to market the template to teachers nationwide, Gettemeier said.

School board member Terry Black said the district is placing a priority on improving all forms of communication this year. This includes revamping the district Web site, making it more informative and user-friendly.
December 7, 2007
Innovating with David Bernett - St. Louis Post Dispatch
The company - - develops Web-based application for schools that allow teachers to easily post classroom information on their own web-sites. Students and parents can access the pages directly or through the school’s website to find homework assignments, announcements and other information. With a set of Web-based administration modules the company put together, teachers enter their information and the Web pages are built automatically on their websites with a standardized layout that projects a unified image for the school and the district.

The aha! moment - Company owner and application developer David Bernett realized teachers at Francis Howell North, a high school in one of the largest school districts in the state, needed a quick and easy way to post information on web-sites. His mother teacher there said creating and updating her Web page was difficult and time consuming. The system the school used required teachers to learn to code and design pages

The challenge - - To develop an easy way for teachers who may have little experience in doing or design to post information for students and parents on web sites in a standardized fashion. The website the school used had an inconsistent look and feel, and poor layout and design. Teachers couldn't upload homework assignments into an organized calendar. The websites were hard to maintain and time consuming to create, which meant that not all teachers chose to create a website.

What it does - The modules Bernett designed allow teachers to easily and quickly post information and upload photos on their own websites. The pages can include class schedules, homework assignments, announcements, class notes and a calendar that can be viewed in "printer friendly" mode. Teachers can also post a class syllabus or other downloadable material in any format. Information they write on a "smart board" in their classrooms can go directly to their website. They also can create unlimited additional pages to complement their sites.

How it works - Teachers post their information and displays it in a standardized format, eliminating the hodgepodge look of individually created pages. Teachers have an administration user name and password to access and manage their information.

Progress report - - While teachers at Francis Howell North are encouraged, but not required, to create websites, most of them do because is easy to use. Some 82 percent of teachers have made 50 or more entries.
Assistant Principal Ed Gettemeier call "absolutely wonderful." As the first of this monthly, 40,081 files were uploaded with more than 6,500 log-ins, he said. Gettemeier noted that a teacher recently told him a student who was absent for three days "didn't miss a beat" because he was able to keep up with the class through
October 27, 2009 Now Creates Your Personalized Teacher Website Fast and Easy -
Saint Louis, MO (PRWEB) October 27, 2009 -- launched a complete new look and feel to its website October 19, 2009. In addition, it has now added new capabilities to allow individual teachers to create their own teacher website fast and easy with a growing array of templates that can be selected. The company's previous niche market was focusing on teacher websites for an entire school or district enabling a standardized "look and feel" across the board.

MyTeacherZone.comEnhancements to the website include:
  • Improved Navigation - Web pages work in intuitive and consistent ways, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for and know where they are within the website. Faster Login for current registered teachers is provided in the website header.
  • Improved Look and Feel - Enhanced graphics and the new page layouts provide visitors with an improved user experience. "Real time", dynamic news feeds related to teachers and education are now displayed on the left navigation of each page.
  • New Features - Teachers can create new personalized teacher websites fast and easy by selecting a template, completing a short survey of information, and deciding on a payment method. All templates in the library are "dynamic", allowing them to expand to any screen resolution which takes advantage of the new wide screen monitors on the market.
  • Testimonials - Dozens of testimonials from currently registered teachers are publicized explaining how has improved their communication with parents and students.

"I love the tool in my classroom. It not only gives me a valuable resource for keeping my students up to date, it gives me a great tool for parents to stay up on their students and their work," explains James A. from F.H.N. "As a high school administrator who oversees technology, I can't imagine a better, more user friendly tool to communicate with students, parents and colleagues," continues Ed. G., principal of Hardin Middle School. provides a way to create a teacher website fast and easy. Teachers can create a personalized welcome page with photo, input their schedule and upload class syllabus', create calendar announcements and downloadable homework assignments, create Frequently Asked Questions, Blog discussion posts and a Resource page that allows for general announcements, links to other websites and downloadable content for parents and students. Other pages include a detailed class information page and a contact page. Also, additional web pages can be created by the teacher to complement their teacher website. was founded in 2006 as a resource to assist Teachers and Administrators adapt to the change in schooling today due to the burst in the technology field.

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